An interpretation of Chris Salomone’s modern credenza


For my birthday, my wife gave time away from the kids to spend at the communal shop and build something. I really enjoyed the design that Chris Salomone had in his youtube channel. However, it was slightly too big for my needs so I modified it quite a bit. Here’s a montage of the build with some explanations here and there.

My plan for the build
My plan for the build
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Don’t look for digital experts, look for expert generalists

Thedefinition of digital talent

Originally published in May at Alumni Perspectives:

Digitalisation affects every organisation, like it or not. Adaptation and transformation is essential. But how? By bringing in a ”digital” person with experience from one of the big tech companies? Probably not. To find the right person, you will need to look outside their CV.

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Excessive solar power -bot

We installed additional solar panels on our roof. After the installation, we’ve been following about the dynamics of the production and it is already clear, that during the day, we are selling excessive energy back to the network with a really bad deal. It would be much nicer (and economic) to use that energy ourselves.

So I started to look into ways to inform our apartment complex’s residents when we are producing electricity in excess. Enter a excessive solar power slack -bot

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Technology vs. Leadership in the quest for digital transformation

Incremental Digitalization

Originally published at Alumni Perspectives

Discussions of digitalization today tends to be somewhere along the lines of: How can we use technology X or Y to disrupt our business? How will the outer, external factors and developments affect our inner core business & operations?

However, wouldn’t the more productive conversation to have be how does your company look like when the biggest transformations are done? The direct continuation of that chain of thought is to look from the inside: is your organisation equipped with the right type of leadership to paint the vision and optimise your digital potential?
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Solar powering our apartment complex

Climate change, probably the biggest threat of our time. Even before the IPCC’s Special report, we had decided on solar powering our apartment complex to both promote sustainable living and save some money. Our project started already when we built the house, but it took a giant leap forwards this year when we tripled the capacity and did a change in the metering of the electricity.

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Looking how to mill Finnish birch using an Alaskan mill

I’m sitting in the board of directors for a company selling woodworking tools – Sahanpuru. One of their coolest products is the Alaskan mill, a chainsaw accessory that allows you to mill your own lumber. So I decided to mill Finnish birch using an Alaskan mill.

Trying to be a cheapskate, I was thinking should I mill my own lumber to my tree house project. So I bought a mill from Sahanpuru and decided to give it a try.

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Building a tree house with a focus on the well-being of the tree

Building a tree house

My son wanted me to build a suspension bridge to our summer cottage. I liked the thought and decided first to build some platforms. Building a tree house is a topic with a lot of articles on the web. I’m trying to focus on a design that works in relatively medium sized trees and considers the well being of the tree itself.

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