My sourdough bread timeline

bread timeline

When I started baking sourdough bread, I had some issues with the timing of various steps of fermentation and proofing. In the end, after reading how other people time their bakes, I created this sourdough bread timeline, that has proven to be a killer combo of easiness and perfect timing for fresh bread for the Sunday morning breakfast.

The timeline is adapted from Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread

Fresh from the oven on a Sunday morning

Cheese escapades continue – making cheese at home

Cheeses after the compression

This thing just got real! I’m making cheese at home and not just talking about it! I received my order of Making Artisan Cheese: Fifty Fine Cheeses That You Can Make in Your Own Kitchen¬†and some cheese moulds. Even better, whole milk was on sale!! So now I’m making gouda cheese.

Read on to find out who I almost flooded my kitchen and started thinking how I could replace Calcium Chloride.

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