Wabi sabi – a more sustainable way of life

Wabi-sabi way of life

I’ve noticed, that my enjoyment of crafts have changed my view on life. I previously always wanted everything to be in pristine condition and didn’t hesitate to replace stuff. Now with age, and with the spare time to fix stuff, I’ve learned to enjoy things, that I’ve fixed instead of replaced. This acceptance of transience and imperfections is called Wabi-sabi.

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New visuals

crowdsource graphic design

This blog is relatively new, so a lot is going on. Not just content, but the layout, visuals and technical solutions are being continuously evaluated. I decided to crowdsource graphic design and get a new headerimage from DesignCrowd and the design competition is now over! The winning design has its place on the top of the blog.

Here are the results:

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