Shout out to How to make everything

I’ve realized that I’m on a mission to make the ultimate burger myself from scratch. That includes my own self made cheese, dry-aged burger, and a sourdough brioche. Now I just have to pickle my cucumbers and make my own ketchup. But guess what? There’s a guy who’s already done all this. And more.

How to make everything, is a youtube channel that is doing a magnificent job! The one thing that deserves my sincerest praise, is the fact that the guy took six months to make a sandwich! Everything from growing his own wheat and vegetables, evaporating sea water to make salt, milking cows, killing poultry etc. And his verdict was “an ok” sandwich.

It cost him $1500 and six months. I’m not quite there yet, but soon™

Ultimate burger
My most ultimate burger so far, self made brioche and self dryaged beef. The veggies are store brought


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