I read my girlfriends Cosmopolitan ten-twelve years back and it described men as different varieties of ice cream. Based on that highly academic psychometric profiling, I’m what you call a “chocolate flavour:”

I get carried away, I spend tons of time educating myself whatever it is that peaks my interest. I’m eager to try out new things regardless of the time or resource requirements (well the money seems to be an issue every now and then). And I’ve been doing things now for those ten-twelve years and gained quite a lot of experiences on how stuff should (and especially shouldn’t be done). I’m what you’d call an expert-generalist.

I have a Masters degree in biotechnology, I started my career in studying food and animal feed. I’ve changed careers, been a management consultant for almost ten years assisting organizations in adapting digitalization. I’ve led huge scout volunteer projects with teams up to 12.000 people with me having the full P/L responsibility.

I do crafts, I do practical archeology (well sort of), I dabble with servers, entertainment systems and graphic design. I play the piano (in a band at some point) and ukulele. I snowboard, cross-country ski, road cycle and scuba dive.

I cook, I’ve even been a participant in Master Chef Finland. I bake bread, I compare sourdough starters, I make beer as a craft brewer, I strive to make cheese.

This site is an attempt to document and categorize my learnings. If it inspires you to learn something new, then I’m more than happy.

Reagrdless what the original Cosmo article warned, “Chocolate flavour guys tend to get carried away too much”, I’m still with the same woman, happily married for over ten years.