Organizational pulse interference

Organizational well being for engineers. Measuring the pulse of an organization and combining psychology, physics and leadership to get some information out of it. I sometimes find these similarities between various disciplines and even though they may be obvious to people, I enjoy the thought game of trying to explain anomalies using another disciplines terminology.

So here we are, measuring the pulse of an organization and deciding on actions through pulse interference.

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Leading networks, leading people

Originally posted at Alumni Global’s website

Leadership is mainly communication. The great leaders of history have been all noted to be great communicators; not necessarily good talkers, but truly good communicators. Being able to convey trust, a sense of direction, a better tomorrow requires the leader to communicate those ideas systematically and often. So in a world, where all the information is becoming more and more open, more and more available to those who seek it, why hasn’t leadership become more open?

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Digitalization – not just product development

Original thought piece by me, originally posted at Alumni Global’s website

Digitalization, Internet of Things, Big Data. All of these hypewords have appeared to the public discussion and used either as conversation starters – or finishers. “What are your thoughts about …?” or “Yes, but Big Data will change it all.”

“Earning models and business models are subjects to drastic change when the true digitalization occurs.”

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