Learning workshop tools – a small side table from oak

My wife got a father’s day gift for me to use the municipality’s workshop. And oh boy I did!

We have just ditched our couch and bought two arm chairs. We needed a small side table to hold our wine glasses while we sit and read. Having the perfect size and shape proved difficult to buy so I decided this to be the perfect job for me to learn again how to use workshop tools.

I started with getting acquainted with Google Sketchup and drew the model of the table. This drawing was used to estimate how much wood should I buy. Regardless, I had to buy two times the needed amount as the smallest piece of available lumber was twice the size.

I got to use a radial saw, a circular saw, a planer, a jointer, a router and a domino cutter. Let the pictures speak more than words:

Original raw plank
Legs after first sawing
Legs after tapered cuts
All of the legs with the tapering visible
The domino slots routed
The leg assembly finished
The table cover after initial routing into a circle
Finsihed product before the oil treatment

In the end, the product matched exactly the need. It fits in its place, it is the same colour and somewhat aesthetics as the rest of the tables around it and it completely self made! Hooray!

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