New visuals

This blog is relatively new, so a lot is going on. Not just content, but the layout, visuals and technical solutions are being continuously evaluated. I decided to crowdsource graphic design and get a new headerimage from DesignCrowd and the design competition is now over! The winning design has its place on the top of the blog.

Here are the results:

First place

I used a facebook poll to try how the various designs would work. This one received most of the votes and I liked it myself as well.

crowdsource graphic design
First version

I didn’t like the chef’s hat and since the guy was just a random dude from a stock photo database, I wanted something more familiar. So I asked for some changes.

Crowdsource graphic design
The winning design

Second place

I picked a second place design as well. I liked the idea behind the image, but it was quite gloomy and dark. So again, here are the various revisions:

crowdsource graphic design
First version
crowdsource graphic design
Second version

Changing the statue made a huge difference. I thought the original statue was a bit judging. In addition, the color tone change also made it more dream (nightmare?) like and not a sandstorm.

I don’t know yet if I’ll ever use the second design anywhere, but now I at least have it!


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