Heavy Duty Chilled Vertical Cabinet

It’s here. The Armenian wonder, the Beko Heavy Duty Chilled Vertical Cabinet. Yes, that’s exactly what it’s called. Installation is done so some words on installing this wonder.

As I wrote earlier, I needed a new fridge to house my “curing” projects. This product was eventually the one I chose. The delivery was fast. They brought it all the way home, through almost completely snowed in yard. And the product seems to be exactly what I ordered, a fridge with a glass door.

I decided to change the opening direction of the door. Even though the manual described the process to be “quick and easy”, I had to cut some pieces of the cover at the bottom to expose the ready drilled holes for the hinge. But it’s done!

The fridge

Overall appearance is good. There is even an LED light, that can be switched on or off from outside the fridge; albeit the switch is quite “heavy duty.” The fan is constantly on, even though the thermostat turns off the compressor. For my purposes this is excellent but we’re this a traditional fridge, I’d get annoyed of the noise quickly. Yes, compared to our real full size fridge, this thing makes quite a lot of noise.

The other strange thing is that the door seems to play a crucial role in the overall rigidity of the fridge. When the door is open, the whole thing seems a bit flimsy, but the glass door adds that support once closed. Then experience isn’t that great when opening and closing the door. Then again, this door should stay closed for months without being opened.

Temperature analysis to be added to comments.

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